Dragon & Phoenix Chinese Wedding 999.9 Gold Bracelet (Style: 16765B-GD) - $3,947

December 6, 2018

This gorgeous bracelet is part of the Chow Sang Sang "Dragon & Phoenix" Chinese Wedding 999.9 Gold Bracelet Collection.

For The Precious Blessings
The Dragon and Phoenix are the quintessential symbols of wedding bliss. Our collection of pure gold Dragon and Phoenix bangles have been crafted with exceptional detail – heralding an auspicious life together.
Dragon and Phoenix
Imbued with a contemporary take on a traditional ritual, a pair of meticulously crafted and exquisitely sculpted pure gold bangles adorns a modern Chinese bride's look with the greatest blessing.
A Strive For Perfection In Details
The etymology of "Double happiness" represents the greatest blessing in Chinese wedding. The "double happiness" character is thus creatively merged with the clasp of the bangle to symbolize the blissful union of husband and wife.

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