Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Tiffany designs are meant to be layered

“My favorite jewelry is something that holds meaning.” - Vanessa Traina

When it comes to layering even very fine pieces, it's best not to be shy. Stylist Vanessa Traina talks about the art of layering in the most recent edition of "This Is Tiffany."
Vanessa Traina: For me, jewelry has to be personal. It can be something beautiful to look at, but also have an emotional connection. So some of my most beloved pieces are things that have been given to me by my parents, my sisters or close friends. I have a bracelet that my father gave my mother when they first st arted dating. My favorite jewelry is something that holds meaning, and more often than not those tend to be bracelets, which I like to stack on my wrists.  Read the full story on

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